3M litter pickers spruce up Lily Hill Park
Mar 17, 2023

Fourteen members of 3M’s Consumer team become #litterheroes for the day when they joined Keep Britain Tidy’s campaign to create millions of miles of cleaner, greener spaces.

The environmental charity’s mission is to reduce litter, improve local places, such as parks, and reduce waste. It invites individuals, groups and schools to buy litter picking kits so that clean-ups can be done using safety equipment.

Shopper Marketing apprentice, Amy Crocker, organised the litter pick in Lily Hill Park, Bracknell, as a way for the team to do something positive for the environment.

She says: “We got permission from the local council to collect litter in the park and turned up armed with the kits from Keep Britain Tidy. Lily Hill is a beautiful park and well kept, but we still managed to collect a number of bags of litter.

“We split into small groups to carry out the litter pick and after four hours met up for a picnic lunch and a game of rounders.”

As well as the team in Bracknell, colleagues based at different locations completed their own litter picks, taking the total 3Mgives volunteering hours up to 45.

Jo Partridge is the North Europe business leader for Consumer. She says: “This 3Mgives event allowed us to get outside, conduct an activity safely, meet each other in person, chat and catch up in beautiful surroundings as well as doing something valuable for both the environment and the local community.

“It made me feel proud when members of the public saw us roaming around the park in our bright blue 3M volunteer shirts doing something of value. For fun, we organised a mini-challenge to see who could find the most ‘interesting’ item of litter – and the results were quite eye-opening as you can imagine. My personal favourite was Nerf gun pellets.”

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