3M speaker shines light on STEM role models
Jun 25, 2024

3M Senior Technical Manager and Women in STEM ambassador, Sarah Chapman, recently spoke about the importance of STEM role models at the Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit in Warsaw, Poland.

Sarah's talk highlighted the importance of having an array of STEM role models to help encourage and inspire women and non-binary individuals looking to enter the industry and develop a career in Science, Engineering and Tech.

Sarah says: ‘My personal experiences have shaped my perspective on this topic – from early interactions with inspiring teachers to seeing the great work that diverse teams achieve over the course of my career in STEM roles. It was an honour to share these insights with the audience at the Women in Tech Summit.’ During the talk, Sarah called attention to the much-needed adoption of diverse representation in the tech industry, especially as the sector is currently seeing women leaving jobs at an alarming rate. She outlined the need for diverse, relatable role models at every career stage, before sharing actionable ideas to help shape and inspire the coming generation to strive for greatness and persevere within the industry.

Sarah says: 'I have such a passion for diversity in STEM and believe that all young people should have an inspiring role model to look up to in the industry. We need to keep driving better representation and ensure that we don’t lose the untapped potential that lies amongst women and young girls who lack the confidence and belief to pursue a career in STEM.’

The Women in Tech Summit (WITS) is an event dedicated to empowering women and non-binary individuals in the tech industry, with a focus on technology, science, innovation, and the people who create them. At the event, attendees were given opportunities to further their careers and enhance their professional development. The summit included numerous speakers and special guests, upskilling workshops, tech talks, and more, enabling many opportunities to network.

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